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Tenisa tīkls STANDARD dubultais

Tenisa tīkls STANDARD dubultais Dubultais pinums - pirmām sežām rindām ir dubultais pinums (jo šajā tīklu daļā ir vislielāka slodze), dubultais pinums būtiski pagarina tīkla kalpošanas laiku. Tenisa tīkls STANDARD (melnā krāsa), no polipropilēna, pārklāts ar PVC cinkota tērauda trosi, tīklojums bez mezgliem, austa poliestra augšāja daļa. Virve – 3 mm, pinums – dubultais.

Tennis net STANDARD doubled 3mm

Designed for ordinary use of middle to heavy charge.

- black PP-polypropylene knotless netting, thickness 3mm, mesh 42x42mm
- netting body has 6 upper rows of doubled meshes
- top is sewn by white high-tenacity PES-polyester band
- top band is quilted by 4x rows of seams
- sides and bottom edge is reinforced by sewing and stiffened with polypropylene stripe
- tensing line is made of galvanized steel rope coated PVC of diam. 5mm of length 13,5m.

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