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Gys TCB120 Automatic lādētājs

Spriegums - 230 (1ph)
Priekš 12V akkumulatoriem no 30AH līdz 120AH
Strāva 3,5A un 7A
Jauda - 150W/10.5A
Svars 2.9 kg
Ražots Francijā


TCB 120 charge automatically even without supervision. It has a visible charge level or a 3 LED indicators, a 2 levels of charging current (3.5 A/ 7 A) and For starting batteries from 15 to 120 Ah. With Onboard electronics protection, A overvoltage protection and safe to charge without disconnecting the battery. TCB 120 maintains full charge at 100% with floating process.

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